Product News: Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics Announces New QBC Synthetic Haematology Control Kit

08 Jun 2012

Woodley Lab Diagnostics/QBC Europe are pleased to announce the availability of a new QBC Synthetic Haematology Control Kit, a three level control system designed to ensure the precision and accuracy of the QBC Autoread Plus Haematology System.

Laboratory control systems are largely used as an external validation tool to determine whether an instrument is producing accurate and reliable data. The use of such control systems are accepted as good laboratory practice to help to ensure accurate diagnoses are being given to patients.

The benefits of the QBC Synthetic Haematology Controls outweigh those of the standard porcine controls; not only can they be stored at room temperature, they also have an increased shelf life of 6 weeks. The control kit has been designed specifically for use with the QBC AccuTube and in the QBC Autoread Plus. Customers using the kit now have the added comfort and security of knowing their analyzer is providing the utmost quality of results.

The QBC Autoread Plus offers a reliable and cost-effective option for conducting haematology testing in virtually any setting. Unlike competing products, the QBC Autoread uses no liquid reagents saving lab space for the user. There is also less maintenance required, as there is no need for cleaning or replacing internal parts.

The control kits are now available for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. For further information on the control kits or the QBC Autoread Plus, please contact Woodley Lab Diagnostics by clicking on the ‘request information’ tab below.