Product News: WITec Introduces Line Extension of its Microscope Series

30 Mar 2010

Building on the system’s inherent modularity, WITec has added several new microscope versions in order to meet all the diverse and multi-faceted customer requirements one may encounter. In the field of Raman Microscopy the new baseline is the micro Raman system alpha300 M for single point spectrum acquisitions and depth profiling.The alpha300 M+ is additionally equipped with a stepper motor and allows Raman mapping experiments and large area investigations.

The stepper motor can also be attached to the Raman Imaging system alpha300 R, providing an extremely flexible and powerful research tool (alpha300R+) for automated large area and high-resolution 3D chemical imaging. The alpha300 ML features cost-effective high-resolution confocal Raman mapping for the highest spectral flexibility (UV-VIS-NIR). Upgrades and combinations with Atomic Force or Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy are possible at any time. Future fields of application can thus be engaged easily and costeffectively.

A scientific-grade research optical microscope is the foundation of WITec’s modular and flexible microscope series. Only highly precise and optimized components are used in order to achieve the various capabilities of the different microscope models resulting in a highly sensitive setup. This sensitivity can enable a reduction in acquisition times of a single Raman spectrum to below one millisecond. When performing measurements on delicate and precious samples this can lower required levels of excitation power or allow weak Raman scatterers to be analyzed.