Product News: Wheaton to Showcase the Crimpenstein™ Electric Crimper/Decapper and CryoFile™ Freezer Boxes at Neuroscience 2009

13 Oct 2009

The Wheaton Crimpenstein has an advanced ergonomic design and engineered to save time while making your crimping and decapping easier. The Wheaton CryoFile and CryoFile XL Freezer Boxes save researchers’ time identifying samples and offer secure cryogenic storage for samples to -196ºC. Visit Wheaton at booth 226 to find out more and compete in the Crimpenstein Challenge Game!

The Crimpenstein is  an AC powered crimper/decapper providing fast, consistent results with a simple push of a button. Quick change jaws are available in 8, 11, 13, and 20 mm sizes providing a cost savings by eliminating the need to purchase separate crimpers and decappers. A sturdy stand is available which will hold the Crimpenstein in a fixed vertical position for operations where vials need to be handled one at a time. Visit the Wheaton booth to it and compete in our Crimpenstein Challenge Game!

The Wheaton CryoFile and CryoFile XL Freezer Boxes are water resistant freezer boxes and come in six colors (blue, green, pink, red, white, and yellow). Wheaton Cryule® Cryogenic Vials are available in the same colors for easy coordination with the freezer boxes. The CryoFiles are available in two sizes; the CryoFiles store 1- 2 mL vials and the CryoFiles XL store 5 mL vials vertically and 10 mL and 50 mL horizontally.