Product News: Wheaton Introduces Two New Jaw Sets for the CRIMPenstein Electric Crimper/Decapper

09 Nov 2010

The new crimping jaws from Wheaton Science Products are engineered to accommodate 13mm and 20mm flip cap aluminum seals. The new flip cap crimping jaws are completely compatible with the CRIMPenstein controller and are interchangeable with the other jaw sets for quick change between different sizes and models.

The lightweight, semi-automatic, ergonomically designed CRIMPenstein Electric Crimper/Decapper is ideal for laboratories that crimp or decap large volumes of aluminum seals. It is now available with a choice of four different size crimper or decapper jaws for standard seals plus the new two size crimper jaws for flip cap seals. The ability to quickly change between different sizes or between crimping, decapping and now different types of seals offers an unmatched level of flexibility and economy. The CRIMPenstein features an adjustable jaw intensity to allow users to regulate jaw action as required to achieve the perfect crimp. Since it is AC powered, the need for regulated compressed air or batteries which discharge over time is eliminated. A sturdy stand is available to hold the CRIMPenstein in a fixed vertical position.