Product News: Waters ACQUITY UPC2 Now Available with New Column Oven

05 Mar 2014

Waters Corporate has added a new column oven to its category first Waters® ACQUITY® UPC2™ System for faster method development and column screening capabilities.

"There is no denying that Waters' product development teams are never satisfied with the status quo and have keen understanding of our customers' needs," said Ian King, Vice President of Separation Science for the Waters Division. "The introduction of temperature controls to the low system volume and extra-column volume of the UPC2 system enables faster and more efficient separations when compared with traditional SFC and GC methodologies."

Faster method development and time-efficient scale-up

The column oven has a capacity of eight columns ranging in length from 50 mm to 250 mm, with internal diameters ranging from 2.1 mm to 8.0 mm. The ability to screen column chemistries, modifier strength, back-pressure settings, and flow rate leads to faster method development and allows for time-efficient scale-up to preparative chromatography.

The temperature controlled column compartment is heated by reticulating air/forced convection having a maximum settable temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. The column oven supports a maximum of eight sets of passive pre-heaters, guard columns and analytical columns. And the oven provides for eight eCord positions ensuring that valuable injection data, column type, data, are captured.