Product News: VICAM’s New Global Mycotoxin Regulations Tool Provides Instant Access to Worldwide Regulatory Data

11 Jul 2013

Waters Corporation today announced VICAM®, a Waters® Business, introduced a single-source on-line, tool that provides access to a comprehensive, simple-to-use database of global mycotoxin regulations at

Food exporters around the world face the growing challenge of ensuring that their products meet evermore demanding standards in their target markets. Varying regulations in different countries add to the complexity for exporters eager to comply. Now more than ever, new products and innovations are needed to deal with these complex challenges.

The Global Mycotoxin Regulations Tool™ is the first of its kind. Available as a web-based or mobile application, the tool allows users to locate global mycotoxin limits by geography and commodity or food type in seconds. Food manufacturers and exporters can obtain critical regulatory data without general web searches, saving both time and resources. In addition, customers can search products using commodity and finished product images, simplifying the search process and ensuring that clear and actionable results are available to stakeholders in food and agriculture markets worldwide.

Furthermore, the Global Mycotoxin Regulations Tool will have a meaningful effect on global initiatives to support food safety. Customers will be able to meet the varying demands of the global marketplace, while knowing they are minimizing the impact of mycotoxins on human and animal health.

"The Global Mycotoxin Regulations Tool is the only single-source for global regulatory mycotoxin limits available. It provides simple, searchable regulatory data that enables food and agriculture exporters to quickly assess their product's suitability for a particular market and establish internal quality programs to meet those requirements," comments Marjorie Radlo, General Manager, Director of Operations, for VICAM.

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring chemical byproducts of ubiquitous mold species which are natural inhabitants of crop soils. Severe rain or drought can encourage mycotoxin production and, once released, mycotoxins are difficult to manage and virtually impossible to destroy. The USDA, FDA, EU, and other international government agencies impose specific regulations and guidelines for acceptable levels of mycotoxins. Producers and exporters use on-site and laboratory testing to ensure regulatory compliance and to protect human and animal health from illnesses associated with mycotoxins, including cancer, vomiting, and feed refusal in animals.