Product News: Waters Opens a Window onto Mass Spectrometry With New Primer

30 Jun 2009

Waters Corporation has published a new 65-page primer on mass spectrometry for practitioners and non-practitioners seeking to hone their understanding of the newest sample introduction, ionization, ion separation and detection techniques for quadrupole, hybrid, and ion trap mass spectrometers. The primer includes special sections on UltraPerformance LC (UPLC) as an inlet to the mass spectrometer, ion mobility and recent innovations such as desorption electrospray ionization (DESI), direct analysis in real time (DART), atmospheric GC and atmospheric solids analysis probe (ASAP) technology.

Mass spectrometry is a vital tool for the scientific laboratory and involved in countless investigations as varied as solving crimes, outing athletes taking performance enhancing drugs, finding biomarkers of disease, determining the diets of lost civilizations and settling the debate as to whether modern-day chickens are descendants of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The primer was authored by noted columnist Michael Balogh, the long-time author of the column titled MS - The Practical Art that appears regularly in LC-GC magazine.

Single copies of the primer (Part No. 715001940) cost $49.50 and can be purchased by clicking on the company article page link.