Product News: Waters Introduces Xevo® G2 Tof Mass Spectrometer for Sensitive Analysis of Complex Samples

10 Jan 2011

The Waters® Xevo® G2 Tof (time-of-flight) mass spectrometer (MS), with UPLC®/MSE and QuanTof™ technology, offers sensitive, exact mass quantitative and qualitative performance of any benchtop MS system for scientists who need to confidently identify and quantify unknown compounds in complex samples.

"In order to drive their science forward our customers have told us they need all the sensitivity, selectivity and speed benefits of UltraPerformance LC® together with the quantitative and qualitative capabilities of high resolution exact-mass MS, simultaneously,” said Gordon Kearney, Tof Mass Spectrometry Product Manager for the Waters Division. “Other mass spectrometers compromise mass resolution at UPLC data acquisition rates and limit laboratory productivity with their inability to acquire exact-mass precursor and fragment ion information on every detectable component in the sample from a single analysis. With UPLC/MSE and QuanTof technology, Xevo G2 Tof has no such limitations, so our customers can perform the experiments they need to be successful without compromise."

Powered by QuanTof technology, the Xevo G2 Tof brings market-leading, research-grade SYNAPT® G2 technology in an accessible, bench-top system for a new level of quantitative and qualitative performance. QuanTof technology combines an innovative high field pusher and dual stage reflectron with a novel ion detection system in an optimized time-of-flight geometry. Together these features provide a new dimension of high resolution, exact mass and quantitative performance uniquely available at acquisition rates that are compatible with UPLC separations.

Further bolstering the system’s performance capabilities is UPLC/MSE, a method of data acquisition that allows users to view high-quality, unambiguous exact mass precursor and fragment ion data from a single data set; in essence the ability to see all the data, all the time.
Consistent throughout its family of mass spectrometers, Waters’ universal ion source architecture offers a choice of UPLC inlet technologies and ion sources for the Xevo G2 Tof to maximize the number of experimental options and research applications. These comprise the nanoACQUITY UPLC® and TRIZAIC™ UPLC inlets and ion sources including: electrospray (ESI), nanoflow ESI, atmospheric chemical ionization (APCi), combined ESI/APCi (ESCi), atmospheric solids analysis probe (ASAP), and atmospheric pressure gas chromatography (APGC).

User accessibility to Xevo G2 Tof performance and versatility is significantly enhanced by Waters’ Engineered Simplicity™. Born from Waters’ proud heritage of enabling scientific breakthroughs, Engineered Simplicity is a unique approach to solving problems through MS-based system solutions by liberating scientists from cumbersome or tedious aspects of MS while maximizing the value of each scientific experiment. At its very core, Engineered Simplicity describes the ability of Waters MS instruments to provide pertinent information in the simplest manner possible, allowing scientists to convert data into critical business and organizational knowledge faster and with greater assurance.

Finally, the Xevo G2 Tof ensures scientists can future-proof this laboratory investment with an upgrade path to QTof functionality that enables exact mass MS/MS capability using the same hardware.