Product News: Waters Introduces Two New Column Chemistries for Protein Separations

28 Aug 2008

Waters Corporation announced today the introduction of new 300Å, reversed-phase columns for protein separations on traditional high performance liquid chromatographs or Waters ACQUITY UltraPerformance LC® (UPLC®) systems. The XBridge™ BEH300 C4, 3.5 µm and ACQUITY UPLC BEH300 C4, 1.7 µm columns deliver substantially greater protein resolving power and performance as compared to traditional 100-percent silica-based particle materials. These columns are now available for immediate delivery on a worldwide basis.

The first in a series of Protein Separation Technology columns, these columns are based on its second-generation, patented, highly-stable Ethyl Bridged Hybrid (BEH) particles that have set new standards for LC and UPLC separations. The results of accelerated stability tests confirm that the BEH300 C4 columns last longer and are more stable under low and high pH conditions than many competitive column offerings when tested under identical conditions. Other features of the BEH300 C4 columns include:
  • Separates proteins of various sizes, hydrophobicities, and isoelectric points yielding good peak shape
  • Surface chemistry that minimizes undesirable secondary interactions
  • Enhanced pH- and temperature-tolerant characteristics
  • Rigorously quality-control-tested with proteins to help ensure consistent batch-to-batch performance
  • Maintains protein resolution with LC/MS-compatible eluents

For additional information on ACQUITY UPLC BEH300 C4, 1.7 µm and XBridge BEH300 C4, 3.5 µm Columns, visit the company article page.