Product News: Waters Introduces New Controller for ACQUITY UPLC System

12 Mar 2009

Waters Corporation today announced the introduction of a new Local Console Controller (LCC) for its ACQUITY® UltraPerformance LC® (UPLC) Systems. The LCC is a PDA-like device that enables scientists to monitor the status of ACQUITY UPLC® Systems, check operating parameters or to configure system settings without having to do so from a PC or network client. The LCC is available for all ACQUITY UPLC Systems and works with any module that is supported by an Empower™ Workstation or Waters® LAC/E™32 Acquisition Server.

The ACQUITY UPLC Local Console Controller (LCC) allows operators to:

• Prepare ACQUITY UPLC systems for operation
• Run diagnostic tests next to the ACQUITY UPLC System
• Set up initial conditions
• Check system status when acquiring data

“At a time when laboratories are doing all they can to streamline analytical processes it’s important that analysts are equipped with the tools they need to make the most of their time in the laboratory,” said Elizabeth Hodgdon, ACQUITY UPLC Product Manager, Waters Division. “The ACQUITY LCC allows scientists to perform routine checks and diagnostics without ever leaving the side of the instrument and without compromising the regulatory status of the chromatography data station or UPLC system.”