Product News: Waters Introduces nanoEase M/Z Columns

Next-generation columns are easy to install and reduce chromatographic variability during proteomics and biomarker research

12 Jun 2017

Waters Corporation has introduced the next generation columns for nano- and microflow UPLC/MS applications. The Waters® nanoEase™ M/Z columns are simple to install, reduce connection variability and deliver superior chromatographic performance.  

nanoEase M/Z columns utilize ZenFit™ Connection Technology to significantly streamline the installation of columns and traps. This reduces chromatographic inconsistencies caused by variations in the connections. ZenFit Connectors are easy-to-use, finger tight, require no tools, and include re-useable fittings for critical fluid connections in nano- and micro-flow UPLC/MS.

In addition to being easier than ever to install, the state-of-the-art nanoEase M/Z columns deliver the high efficiency and selectivity expected from Waters. The columns are packed with sub-2-particles suitable for complex proteomics and biomarker discovery applications.

nanoEase M/Z columns are specifically tested for protein and peptide analysis and are available in several pore sizes and with several bonded phases including BEH C18, CSH C18, HSS T3 or Symmetry C18 (trap column only). 

Shipping in mid-June, the nanoEase M/Z columns will greatly simplify the user experience for Waters nanoLC customers utilizing the Waters ACQUITY® UPLC® MClass System, while also bringing the benefits of the Waters nano- and micro-scale columns to users of third-party nanoLC/MS systems.