Product News: Waters Corporation Brings High Definition to Proteomics at HUPO 2007

10 Oct 2007

At the Human Proteome Organization’s 6th Annual World Congress, Waters Corporation is showcasing several technologies expected to give proteomics researchers new insights into the workings of the human proteome.

The Waters® Synapt HDMS™ System is intended for researchers working at the limits of conventional mass spectrometry (MS) and who need to further characterize and define their samples. The Synapt HDMS system is the first mass spectrometer of its kind to employ high efficiency ion-mobility based measurements and separations and specialized software to enable the analysis of sample ions differentiated by size, shape and charge as well as mass. This additional dimension of separations fidelity leads to improved specificity and sample definition, meaning scientists can extract more information about their samples including the detection of previously unseen constituents.

The Waters® IdentityE High Definition Proteomics™ System is an UltraPerformance LC® (UPLC®)/High-Bandwidth Mass Spectrometry (MSE) system solution designed for highly-confident protein identification and to meet stringent requirements. The Waters IdentityE High Definition Proteomics System catalogs complex protein digest mixtures containing tens of thousands of peptides. The system features a Waters nanoACQUITY® UltraPerformance LC (UPLC) System for high chromatographic peak capacity and retention time reproducibility, together with an electrospray tandem mass spectrometer (Waters Q-Tof Premier™ or Waters Synapt HDMS) for high dynamic mass resolution and consistent over-sampling of complex protein digests – two hallmarks of high definition proteomics.