Product News: New 3D Micromanipulator Launched

13 May 2012

Warner Instruments is pleased to introduce the Sensapex, a NEW 3D Piezo Movement Micromanipulator. This manipulator is a compact and has a full featured controller designed for high precision positioning to maximize your electrophysiological research.

• Penetration mode provides high acceleration steps for cell insertion
• 20 mm of travel in all axes
• Compact, allows multiple manipulators in a small space

These micromanipulators are ultra-stable providing precise electrode positioning and drift-free operation. Their small footprint allows multiple micromanipulator configurations to be placed in a tight space.

The control unit intuitively displays the ID of the micromanipulator being operated as well as current position, speed setting and battery status. Large rotary knobs connected to optical encoders control each axes individually. Operate up to 14 manipulators with the optional control unit Hub.
Additional key features include a step length to define the positioning resolution, exceptional vibration control, and a single step delay in the penetration mode to provide high acceleration steps for cell insertion.