Product News: VT-HAWK Confocal FRAP Imaging System Released

06 Nov 2009

The VT-HAWK from VisiTech International combines high precision point scanning FRAP with multi-beam confocal imaging. Milliseconds’ switching between imaging and photo-bleach modes enables accurate quantitation of fluorescence intensity dynamics in precise, user-defined, regions of the image. VT-HAWK supports FRAP, FLIP, Photo-Activation and Photo-Conversion techniques with selectable pinhole sizes for confocal imaging.

Diffraction limited bleach spots and well defined edges for multiple ROI bleach areas result from highly efficient optics. The optics deliver optimal laser beam quality at the sample without compromising the performance of either mode. VT-HAWK provides FRAP illumination from the same set of laser lines as confocal imaging. System options include a laser merge module that houses up to six solid state lasers.