Product News: VIAFLO Announces VISION™ Single Channel Electronic Pipettes Featuring the World’s Fastest Volume Selection and Unrivaled Programming Flexibility

12 Aug 2009

Viaflo introduces the VISION family of electronic, single channel pipettes. Vision pipettes offer the fastest volume selection in the pipetting industry making them highly efficient and flexible tools for a wide range of liquid handling applications.

By using any of ten preset volumes and the world’s most intuitive interface, one pipettor can now be used for quickly transferring differing fluid volumes. Applications include; neat transfers, sample dilutions, repeat dispensing, mixing and even variable volume dispenses. Vision pipettes use a light-weight rechargeable lithium-ion battery, unsurpassed ergonomic design and are balanced perfectly for comfort. Pipettes use a Tri-Lobe tip attachment providing exceptional tip stability with minimal attachment and ejection force. Five single channel models support volumes ranging from 0.5µl to 5.0mL. All Vision pipettors are compatible with Viaflo’s GripTips™ which seal perfectly every time. Complimenting Vision single channel pipettors are Viaflo 8, 12 and 16 channel models.