Product News: Versatile evaporator offers low-speed centrifuge function

26 Mar 2008

Genevac, world leader in solvent removal technologies, has announced an operating mode for its popular EZ-2 centrifugal evaporator allowing it to additionally function as a low-speed centrifuge.

By disengaging the condenser and pump while allowing the powerful direct drive motor to run freely, typical speeds in excess of 2000rpm can be achieved. With a standard swing-out rotor, this equates to roughly 500g at the sample, enough for applications including precipitation and accelerated phase separation of emulsions.

Customers who currently need to centrifuge samples down before evaporation may now do so in one unit, thanks to the ease of use and multi-tasking nature of the EZ-2 design. The innovation saves valuable time and bench space while eliminating a manual handling step in typical laboratory procedures. The centrifuge mode is accessible as an extra run position on the easily set EZ-2 control knob. Samples may be heated whilst being spun.

Incorporating state-of-the-art technology the EZ-2 is able to evaporate solvents in typically half the time of traditional evaporator designs. Further time savings are made as users can see solvents as they collect in the trap and emptying the collection vessel is simple, requiring no defrosting. Running the EZ-2 is as simple as 1,2,3. Just load your samples, select maximum safe temperature for samples, select solvent type and hit start. Offering true unattended operation capability the EZ-2 requires no user training, even a beginner can competently use the system within 5 minutes. The EZ-2 has been designed to concentrate or completely dry samples. The system will accommodate a wide selection of sample holders enabling evaporation from most common sample container formats including round-bottom flasks up to 500ml, tubes up to 160mm long, custom reaction blocks and shallow or deep-well microplates. Requiring no peripherals for operation the compact EZ-2 fits neatly onto a laboratory bench or into a fume hood. All key components on the robust and reliable system are user serviceable ensuring a low cost of ownership.

For further information on the EZ-2 personal evaporator please contact Genevac.