Product News: Versatile, High Speed Imaging-Based Plate Readers

30 Aug 2011

Hamamatsu’s FDSS systems are reliable and versatile imaging-based plate readers with built-in liquid handling for fast kinetic cell-based assays. To answer the growing need for more cost effective and versatile systems for HTS, Hamamatsu introduces the FDSS7000EX as its new standard for MTS/HTS laboratories. Visit stand D1 at ELRIG 2011, to learn more.

The FDSS7000EX has all the key features which made the FDSS7000 successful (whole dispensing and imaging, quality of detection, versatility in format and modularity) and took it to the next level using a Hamamatsu high sensitivity camera which covers both fluorescence and luminescence applications.

Now available at your finger tips; shifted luminescence applications, ratio experiments in luminescence and much more! The high quantum efficiency of this camera also gives you increased sensitivity in fluorescence.
The FDSS7000EX is the logical choice for demanding HTS labs with its high speed readout (only a few minutes / plate) and its wide range of options including stackers or robot integration, 3 washing stations, 2 injection heads and more.

Still available on request; Hamamatsu’s photon counting camera will give you the best data, even for the lowest light assays. 

The line-up also includes the FDSSmicroCELL, a small and affordable imaging plate reader that dispenses and images 96 or 384 well plates for kinetic cell-based assay development.