Product News: Versatile, high performance, high capacity evaporator

23 Oct 2007

Genevac HT-12 Series II systems are designed to provide the ideal solution for evaporation bottlenecks in high throughput and production laboratories.

Drawing upon more than 15 years technological leadership in solvent removal technology the HT-12 Series II represents today's benchmark in high speed, high capacity evaporation systems. The versatile system offers options for integration into automated environments, for handling potentially explosive solvents and a version for use with strong acids.

The HT-12's high performance and high sample capacity make it an ideal workhorse for applications including fast lyophilisation, combinatorial chemistry, parallel synthesis, compound purification, plate re-formatting, and plate replication that require high throughput evaporation. The unique design of the HT-12 multi layer rotor ensures efficient use of valuable laboratory bench space as well as providing high performance and efficient evaporation. Incorporating the latest scroll pump technology the HT-12 Series II does not require any pumping fluid or lubricant in order to operate which increases operational uptime and makes the system ideal for use in harsh chemistry environments.

The HT-12 system accommodates a wide range of sample formats. The strong stainless steel rotors are housed in a cast aluminium vacuum chamber, protected from attack by corrosive vapours by a reinforced perfluorinated coating. The rotors incorporate 12 "sample swings" to accommodate Genevac sample holders for tubes & vials, microtitre plates and custom sample formats.

Proprietary control software allows the HT-12 to automatically detect when the samples are dry and then shut it down - safeguarding valuable samples from potential thermal degradation. Combined with Genevac's VC3000TA continuous running condensers, the 'auto stop when dry' function allows easy unattended operation offering the possibility of significant increases in productivity through use of overnight evaporation runs.