Product News: New Powerful Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Series from VACUUBRAND

24 Apr 2013

The new eight-cylinder diaphragm vacuum pumps from VACUUBRAND offer 30 to 60% more pumping speed than the predecessor series and are thus by far the most powerful diaphragm pumps of this manufacturer.
With capacities ranging up to nearly 20 m3/h and ultimate vacuums between 70 mbar and 0.3 mbar depending on the version, a broad spectrum of requirements are covered. They can be used as a replacement for oil-sealed rotary vane pumps and water ring pumps for example for load lock applications and vacuum network supplies or in kilolab and mini-plant areas. From the intake to the outlet of the chemistry pump models all wetted components are made of highly resistant plastics and perfluoro elastomers and are thus highly resistant to aggressive chemicals. This allows operation without any cold trap, and thus reduces the total cost of ownership. Also regular oil changes, required with rotary vane pumps, or the high water consumption and complex maintenance of water ring pumps are eliminated. The ultimate vacuum in particular with gas ballast is significantly improved compared to the previous models. The new eight-cylinder pumps are a very environmentally friendly and economical alternative to conventional vacuum pumps. The pumping units are ideal for harsh operating conditions due to the separator at the inlet and provide an efficient solvent recovery due to emission condenser. The VARIO® versions are operating up to 40% more energy-efficient than the predecessor models.

In practical use up to 90% of the energy needed for a process can be saved by the automatic, on-demand VACUUBRAND VARIO® - speed control in comparison to permanently running pumps. In most applications the average motor speed is much reduced causing the already very long service interval of VACUUBRAND diaphragm pumps to be extended even further. The new eight-cylinder diaphragm pumps provide a trendsetting, clean and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vacuum technologies.