Product News: Macro to Micro Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging with the iBox Explorer Imaging Microscope

24 Aug 2012

The iBox® Explorer2 Imaging Microscope now features expanded capabilities for detection of fluorescent markers in small animals. With magnification from whole mouse to individual cells, the iBox Explorer2 provides breakthrough advances for cancer research studies.

Researchers can now visualize tumor margins, micro metastasis and more with the wide range of magnifications from 0.17x to 16.5x. The upright optics provide an ultra long working distance and high numerical aperture (NA) for animal fluorescent imaging.

"Integrating the new optics further expands the instrument's current capabilities. Designed to transition from the macroscopic to the microscopic scale, the iBox Explorer2 permits deeper interrogation of a fluorescent signal in real time which otherwise would have necessitated cross-sectional studies," states Antonio Sanchez, MD, UVP Life Scientist. "Scientists imaging whole animals for tumor tracking or biodistribution will be able to 'dive deeper' into the animal in order to investigate biological phenomena at the cellular level."

The iBox Explorer2 produces detailed images of tissues and cells with the leading-edge cooled scientific grade CCD camera. VisionWorks®LS software automates research with total system control and allows easy creation of templates for reproducible and consistent results.

The iBox Explorer2 utilizes the BioLite™ Xe light source which provides bright illumination for multispectral fluorescent, visible and NIR excitation. The BioLite Xe houses a 150-watt xenon lamp that supplies brilliant excitation of fluorescent probes for a variety of applications. The BioLite Xe includes an eight-position emission filter wheel and convenient switching between experiments and multiplexing applications. The iBox Explorer2 is the ideal system for in vivo imaging applications including:

• Tumor shedding and angiogenesis
• Micro/Macro metastases
• Tumor/host margins and interactions
• Tumor micro environment
• Primary tumor growth
• Hematogenous and Intralymphatic trafficking
• Extravasation
• Biodistrubtion

The iBox Explorer2 Imaging Microscope takes in vivo imaging to a new level with macro to micro subcutaneous to internal fluorescent imaging with one instrument.