Product News: Unprecedented Image Capture Rates with the Revolution XD System

03 Jul 2012

Andor Technology plc (Andor) has announced the launch of its Revolution XD spinning disk confocal family, which will set new standards for live cell high speed imaging. The highly flexible system offers a range of upright and inverted microscope alternatives, ensuring researchers can get the system that best suits their needs.
Thanks to the extensive Andor portfolio available, the XD system is very much application focused. In manufacturing our own components, such as laser combiners and targeted illumination devices, we can customise solutions to your research needs. A number of software platforms support our systems, offering you a familiar working environment. The Revolution XD system will be a key addition for those undertaking cell division studies, calcium imaging, developmental biology, stem cell research, cell motility and neuroscience, to name but a few.

Geraint Wilde, Microscopy Systems Product Specialist at Andor, said “We are excited to offer the fastest capture rates and such a comprehensive choice of application tools. Our aim is always to help push the boundaries of our research customers. The Revolution XD family is the key to Andor working closely with the research community, and our understanding of new trends and technology requirements. In offering highly flexible configurations we should have a solution for everybody”.