Product News: Ultra-Fast-Scanning, UV/Visible HPLC Detector, for HPLC Bio-Separations

14 Jun 2012

Cecil Instruments has released the WaveQuest, a revolutionary detector beneficial for HPLC method development. It saves time and money, without compromising analytical data. The same detector can be used for both qualitative and quantitative bio-separation method development.

The WaveQuest will provide detailed spectral information and highly sensitive quantitative information, within the same chromatographic elution.

Cecil Instruments’ technological innovations mean that the WaveQuest's performance includes ultra-fast, detailed spectral scans of chromatographic peaks, so fast that the spectrum at any part of even a narrow peak, can be obtained on-the-fly, ultra-low drift for long term unattended operation and low noise for high sensitivities. Coupled with the easy to use but powerful, DataStream software, detection of co-elution is simple.

WaveQuest provides a valuable instrumental option in the analysis of UV/Visible chromophores. It may be added to existing third party modular HPLC systems, or coupled with Cecil Adept and Q-Adept HPLC systems.