Product News: TTP Labtech Launches More Innovative Solutions for the Enhancement of Laboratory Automation and Screening

05 Mar 2012

TTP Labtech continue to provide innovative solutions for the enhancement of laboratory automation and screening technologies at Pittcon 2012 by not only showcasing aequus and lab2lab, but also launching chipCAL, a microliter flow calorimeter for rapid enzyme screening and optimization.

chipCAL – Microliter Flow Calorimetry

Employing TTP Labtech’s innovative flow technology in which enzyme and substrate are passed together through a thermodynamic cell, chipCAL detects thermodynamic changes using volumes as low as 15uL, reducing reagent and sample usage. With the benefit of non-contact, label free sample monitoring, its fast throughput enables enzyme characterization to be achieved within 2 – 10 minutes per sample. With no wash requirement between sample submission, chipCAL offers the potential for high throughput enzyme screening.

aequus – Ending Manual Solvent Monitoring

Launched earlier this year, aequus provides a simple solution to the automated non-contact monitoring of fluid levels in analytical instrumentation. With the ability to monitor up to 6 waste and 6 supply vessels, the easy to fit external sensors overcome issues of cross contamination and vessel location, allowing continuous automated monitoring 24/7, thus protecting expensive equipment and analytical results.

lab2lab – Connecting Remote Laboratories with Analytical Instrumentation

TTP Labtech continue to provide solutions to enhance the drug discovery process and biotechnology research, reducing costs and easing scientists’ workflow with lab2lab, the sample management and transport system connecting remote laboratories to central analytical instrumentation rooms. With the addition of a new multi-way bench top sender, capable of transporting up to 10 samples between analytical instruments and the laboratory bench, alongside software updates, transportation and analysis of multiple samples has been significantly improved, ensuring greater time savings in transport and data retrieval.

For further information stop by booth 3470.