Product News: TTP LabTech celebrate 20 years in technology at LabAutomation 2007

08 Jan 2007

TTP LabTech are celebrating 20 years in technology at LabAutomation 2007 – Visit us at booth #271 to learn more about us and join our grand prize draw.

TTP LabTech has an enviable track record of commercialising technological innovations that goes back 20 years through our shared heritage with TTP, established in 1987. Early successes include developing a modular manufacturing system based on pneumatics for the Femidom; the Myriad automated chemistry environment, sold to Mettler Toledo; and the ChemScan RDI which won a Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement.

As TTP LabTech manufactures its own products, it is in a unique position to optimise the automation process for others. We can work at the bench-top or factory scale – one such US installation covers an area of 5 tennis courts.

TTP LabTech’s expertise includes automation for polymorph screening, automated chemistry, novel instrumentation development and our products for storage, pipetting and screening:

comPOUND is a high-density store, refrigerated to -20°C, capable of cherry-picking any sample out of 100,000 in under 5 seconds. Multiple modules can be linked easily to hold larger libraries, or interfaced to comPILER® to provide fully automated plate preparation straight from storage.

mosquito is a bench-top liquid handler capable of accurately aspirating and dispensing a wide range of liquid types and viscosities in the range 50nL-1200nL. It uses a continuous reel of low-cost, disposable, positive displacement micropipettes to eliminate cross-contamination.

Acumen eX3 high content screening system offers triple laser scanning at 405, 488 and 633 nm, which ensures a wide choice of compatible fluorescent reagents. Acumen eX3 can scan entire wells, offering robust cellular screening data even for rare event assays.