Product News: Touchclave-Lab Goes Large

11 Apr 2011

LTE Scientific has introduced six new models to its popular Touchclave-Lab autoclave range to meet a growing demand in the market for larger capacity sterilizers.

Capacities of 360-litres and 450-litres are now available to complement its traditional Touchclave-Lab offering of 150, 200 and 300-litres.

The new 360 and 450-litre models are available with the options of being fed from the customers own steam supply, or fitted with either an integral steam generator or internal heaters.

The new models will incorporate all the features of the current Touchclave-Lab ‘K’ and ‘F’ models, providing a small footprint, unparalleled features and superb performance.

The Touchclave-Lab range incorporates a state-of-the-art touch-screen control system for entering and displaying all commands, cycle and program data. All models have an internal data archiving facility, which allows up to 5000 cycles to be stored on a single internal flash card. ‘K’ models include a water jacket cooling system to enhance cycle performance and can also be fitted with steam jackets allowing effective drying of porous and other loads.

A choice of eight user-programmable cycles can be stored in the memory, with an optional memory expansion facility boosting the total to 20. All Touchclave-Lab autoclaves can be supplied with a number of additional features including vacuum, air ballast, effluent retention and range of printers/recorders.

For after sales care. LTE employs a 12-strong team of UKAS and HTM-qualified engineers to carry out servicing, maintenance, calibration and validation.