Product News: A New Direction in Fully Automated Liquid Handling.

30 Jan 2012

Titertek-Berthold is pleased to announce the launch of the MAP-C2 liquid handling workstation. The MAP-C2 boasts an unusual conveyor-belt like linear design, which provides multiple advantages, and is designed to be unbeatable in terms of accuracy, precision, reliability and speed. Each assay plate processing step is handled by its own fixture specifically designed for this operation, thus providing the optimum quality. 

Unlike traditional liquid handlers, the MAP-C2 does not require additional optimization of the assay or sample preparation procedure because the instrument is fully optimized as standard. The MAP-C2 can be furnished with various multiple fixtures, such as a real 96-channel wash head, suitable for any application from cell washing to high-binding assay washing, up to 10 manifolds for bulk reagent dispense, or multiple 4, 8 an 16-tip arrays for high precision low volume dispense. The built-in plate storage device rapidly transfers plates between deck and a 60-plate storage unit. 

An optional gripper allows for integration of external devices, such as microplate readers, sealers, etc. The same gripper can be used for plate lidding/de-lidding in cell-based assays. The powerful, yet intuitive MAP-C2 software allows for easy plate scheduling and ensures a complete chain of custody for each plate during processing. The MAP-C2 accepts shallow, standard and deep-well plates and can be used for 96- and 384-well plate processing.

Titertek-Berthold will be showcasing the instrument at SLAS. Visit the company at Booth 236.