Product News: Third Generation Zeeman Magnetic Field Technology for Improved AA Sensitivity

27 Jan 2012

The ZEEnit 650 P transversely heated graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) from Analytik Jena UK features both third generation Zeeman magnetic field technology and D2 background correction techniques for outstanding analytical capability. By combining a 3-field mode with the conventional 2-field approach, improved sensitivities and a wider dynamic range can be achieved, improving sample throughput and reducing sample preparation time.

With the flexibility to choose the appropriate magnetic field strength, the system allows the benefits of Zeeman background correction to be optimized for all elements by combining 2-field (field off or on) and 3-field (field off, medium or high) methodologies. This produces two measurement signals within each measurement cycle and allows two calibration curves to be established.

With calibrations available across two orders of magnitude, the system allows measurements to be made at higher concentrations than would normally be possible using graphite furnace AAS, thus allowing fully automated measurements to be made at varying elements concentrations without the need for dilution. This reduces sample preparation time and increases sample throughput as only a single sample injection and atomization are required.

With fully automated optimization of the required magnetic field, large batches of samples of varied contents can be processed fully automatically – overnight if required.