Product News: Thermo Scientific GRAMS Suite for Capturing, Processing, Reporting and Managing Data for Spectroscopy

29 Oct 2010

The Thermo Scientific GRAMS Suite provides an industry standard solution for capturing, processing, reporting and managing data from over 180 types of IR, UV-Vis, NMR and LC/GC-MS instruments. Suite 9.0 is now available with a range of new features, including GRAMS IQ and GRAMS Convert.

Due to its compatibility with many different instrument data types, researchers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, consumer products, and food industries as well as academia, use the GRAMS Suite to solve some of their most difficult data analysis problems.

Thermo Scientific GRAMS Suite 9.0 is now available. Built with continuous feedback from our user community, GRAMS Suite 9.0 now includes features such as:

- GRAMS IQ – the next generation in visual chemometric modeling. Simplified visual workflow and model deployment capabilities provide all you need for quantitative and qualitative analysis.
- GRAMS Convert – automatically find and transform all of the spectra on your hard drive to a standard format.
- Smart Convert/Import – new interactive import wizard
- 30+ new instrument data formats supporting over 180 data types
- Concurrent and workstation licensing with dongle-free security
- Supported on Microsoft Vista Pro
- And the training, support and web resources you need to succeed.

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