Product News: Thermo Fisher Scientific Releases OXSAS 2.0 Analytical Software Integrating UniQuant Standardless Program

29 Jul 2013

Laboratory operators using optical emission (OE) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers – especially in materials certification and process control settings – can save time and money with OXSAS 2.0 analytical software.

The software, Thermo Scientific™ OXSAS 2.0, which incorporates powerful Thermo Scientific UniQuant software, enables XRF users to accurately measure up to 79 elements in an unknown sample without the need for specific calibration, effectively eliminating the need for certified reference materials.

By integrating UniQuant software in our latest version of OXSAS software, we enable truly seamless standard-less quantitative analysis, something that is particularly useful for all laboratories that analyze a wide range of different materials.

OXSAS 2.0 software also offers the following for both optical emission and XRF spectrometers:

• Unlimited results database size
• A powerful new search engine
• Ease-of-use improvements