Product News: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Launch New Bioprocessing Film

02 May 2013

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, have introduced the Thermo Scientific Aegis5-14 Film, the company’s new advanced single-use film that is ideal for the most demanding cell culture and bioprocessing applications in drug development and biomanufacturing.

The company’s first new single-use bioprocessing film since launching its industry-leading Thermo Scientific CX5-14 Film, the Aegis5-14 Film is built on the CX5-14 platform and has been extensively tested for use across a broad range of bioprocessing applications. Thermo Fisher’s growing portfolio was recently on display at Interphex 2013.

“We continue to raise the bar to meet the expanding needs for single-use systems used by our customers to produce vaccines and biologics,” said Brandon Pence, global director of marketing for cell culture and bioprocessing at Thermo Fisher. “Our new Aegis5-14 premium film, with its extremely clean leachables and extractables profile, is designed for the most challenging cell culture applications. Featuring our most advanced design, we will set new benchmarks for quality and performance and drive continued success in premium single-use bioprocessing applications for our customers.”

Based on its thorough understanding of the complex relationship between single-use film, cell culture media, single-use bioreactors and the biological systems used to produce vaccines and biologics, Thermo Fisher has extensively tested the Aegis5-14 Film in multiple cell culture applications to ensure its physical, chemical and biological compatibility. The Aegis5-14 Film uses an Animal Derived Component Free (ADCF) formulation and is engineered for use across the entire spectrum of single-use technologies, including single-use bioreactors, single-use mixers and bioprocess containers (from 50 to 2000L).