Product News: Thermo Fisher Release the Prima BT Benchtop Mass Spectrometer for Industrial Process Development Laboratories

28 Jun 2013

Thermo Fisher have designed a new benchtop mass spectrometer to offer process lab researchers, managers, and engineers fast and precise gas analysis by incorporating a magnetic sector analyzer designed for continuous operation in process development laboratories.

The Thermo Scientific Prima BT Bench top Mass Spectrometer employs powerful scanning magnetic-sector technology. The system is designed to deliver superior analytical performance with high reliability and minimal maintenance requirements. The instrument has a 16-port rapid multi-stream sampler (RMS), and a 6-port automatic calibration manifold, making it one of the most precise, stable and accurate analyzers available in its class. This new benchtop model sets the same high standard for online gas analysis as the original floor model, the Thermo Scientific Prima PRO Process Mass Spectrometer, but with an attractive smaller footprint to serve a wider range of researchers.

“The Prima BT will be the first affordable mass spectrometer configured for lab-based process development. As such, we’ve designed it to contribute to novel process development that will ultimately extend to industrial scale,” said Bob Muscat, vice president, environmental and process monitoring, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “By offering the only scanning magnetic-sector gas analyzer in this market, Thermo Fisher Scientific has evolved the marketplace, enabling online analysis to replace off-line assays helping to fill in the gaps of process understanding.”

Intended specifically for process development labs in need of a flexible gas analyzer, the Thermo Scientific Prima BT Mass Spectrometer is designed to offer customers reliable multi-stream performance. The high-precision composition measurements mean fast, robust analysis that can be reliably multiplexed.

Thermo Fisher designed the Thermo Scientific Prima BT to allow users to work with a flat-topped peak profile that tolerates mass-scale drift with no effect on measurement results. Additionally, Thermo Fisher anticipates that the Prima BT will provide complete analysis of multiple, complex gas streams for the purpose of tracking dynamic process variables. Thermo Fisher believes that the speed of measurement combined with precise analysis should enable a faster process understanding and, in turn, a shorter development cycle.

The Thermo Scientific Prima BT Mass Spectrometer offers exceptional performance specifications:
• High Reliability: Designed for 20 Million translations between face seal replacement
• Simple Maintenance: as little as 15 minutes to change inexpensive face seal
• Fast Response: Zero-dead-volume design
• Tight Temperature Control: For constant sample viscosity
• Easy Clean Design: In the event of sample contamination