Product News: New Innovative Sample Sealer Delivers Low-Volume, High-Density Storage for Biobanking Allows Storage Volume Miniaturization for Space Savings and Single-Use Access

03 Apr 2014

Biobanks and biorepositories managing large volumes of biological samples across a range of temperatures can turn to a new, innovative sample sealing system that creates low-volume, high-density sample arrays for short- and long-term storage of biological samples. Thermo Fisher Scientific will showcase these solutions during Analytica 2014 (Hall B1, Booth #101) being held at Messe München in Munich from April 1-4.

The Thermo Scientific SampleSeal instrument uses automated heat-sealing technology to fully seal and individualize sample tubes in a single, automated process, completing a full rack of 96 or 384 2D-barcoded tubes in less than one minute. SampleSeal supports low-volume, high-density sample storage that both maximizes storage capacity and enables single-use access of samples for downstream use. This significantly minimizes the damaging thaw/re-freeze cycles that can impact sample integrity.

“Standardizing biosample handling is a key issue for biobanks today, and the move to high-density, low-volume formats enables repositories to optimize sample storage and management,” said Kiara Biagioni, product manager, storage tracking, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “SampleSeal offers biobanks an automated system that securely seals small volumes of liquid sample in a compact, single-use format. This optimizes quantities of samples, many of which are not replaceable.”

The Sample Seal foil-sealed tubes can be reliably stored at temperatures from -196°C to 25°C. In addition, they can easily be pierced with manual or automated pipette tips, allowing it to be compatible with standalone or integrated storage applications. In an internal study, the SampleSeal instrument demonstrated equivalent or improved seal integrity over standard systems while conserving valuable laboratory space and cost.

SampleSeal can be used as a standalone benchtop instrument or part of an integrated system using sample barcode readers, such as Thermo Scientific VisionMate 2D Barcode Readers, and sample tracking software, including Thermo Scientific VisionTracker Software, to log and track individual samples. Additional features include:

• Racks of tubes can be easily loaded and retrieved manually or robotically;

• Simple operation: the touch-screen graphical user interface allows users to select labware, sealing configuration, and get started quickly and easily;

• Tubes and rack are validated for storage down to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen; and

• The sealed tubes are International Air Transport Association (IATA)-certified.