Product News: New Electronic Pipettes Expand ClipTip Technology Portfolio by Speeding Up Sample Transfer Time and Reducing Repetition

03 Apr 2014

High-throughput laboratories, including biotechnology and pharmaceutical labs, have a new electronic pipetting system designed to maintain precise sample volumes on every channel with fewer repetitions and reproducible results for multiple application types. Thermo Fisher Scientific will showcase these solutions during Analytica 2014 (Hall B1, Booth #101) being held at Messe München in Munich from April 1-4.

The latest extension of the ClipTip Portfolio, the Thermo Scientific E1-ClipTip electronic pipette, features several technology advances designed to streamline sample preparation for researchers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other high throughput screening laboratories to help increase research efficiency and quality.

“Scientists working in liquid handling and sample preparation need pipettes they can trust,” said Raymond Mercier, business director, liquid transfer, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “The Thermo Scientific E1-ClipTip electronic pipette’s interlocking technology provides outstanding sample security and makes pipetting more efficient with the ability to transfer samples quickly between different labware formats using the same pipette throughout the protocol.”

The Thermo Scientific E1-ClipTip system offers exceptional security, higher quality yields and research efficiency through several technology innovations that optimize sample preparation for lab researchers. The combination of the ClipTip technology, electronic tip ejection, an intuitive personalized user interface and adjustable tip-spacing for efficient sample transfers, make the E1-ClipTip pipette an optimal solution for even the most complex and demanding protocols.

Adjustable tip spacing allows users to transfer multiple samples between different labware formats using one pipette, resulting in fewer repetitions and 90 percent less time compared to single channel manual pipettes. Found on every adjustable tip spacing model is a unique equalizer window that links the tip spacing scale to a particular application, allowing for a quick selection of the desired positioning when transferring samples between different labware formats.

Other features include:

• Personalized interface and password protection ensures unified operation among users

• Two operating options (choose presets or step-based matrix) warrant optimal function for every application

• Program functions allows users to store 20 programs, each with a specific name and calibration

• Lithium-Ion battery and charging stand offers long-lasting performance and convenient recharging

• Broad range of models for a variety of applications

• Reminders for service and re-calibration trackers