Product News: New Cell Culture Media Improves Transient Transfection Performance in Biopharmaceutical Research and Production

19 Sep 2013

The new portfolio of Thermo Scientific versatile animal-derived component-free (ADCF) and serum-free media enhances performance for transient transfection media and includes the Thermo Scientific HyCell TransFx-H for use with HEK293 cells and HyCell TransFx-C for use with CHO cell lines. In an internal study, HyCell TransFx media demonstrated high transfection efficiencies and viable post-transfection cell density. Most notably, these media demonstrated up to two-fold or higher increase in protein expression over other media products.

“As the industry leader with more than 40 years of cell culture experience, we have bioprocessing experts continuously developing innovative and superior cell culture media to enable our biopharmaceutical customers to meet the demand of high production levels and stringent timelines,” said Tariq Haq, senior global product manager for media at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “These nutrient rich media also eliminate the need to switch or supplement the medium. Our customers can expect to see significant productivity gains with fewer manufacturing runs in transient transfection processes.”

Thermo Fisher showcased its new HyCell TransFx media this week at the BioProcess International Conference and Exhibition, September 17-19, 2013, Hynes Convention Center, Booth # 611.

Thermo Scientific serum-free media products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in cGMP and ISO-compliant facilities. HyCell TransFx-H and TransFx-C are available in liquid form in 1L bottles and in 1 to 500L bioprocess containers. The media are also available as a powder in pack sizes to make 5 to 1000L media. Custom packaging specific to bioprocessing needs is available upon consultation with our technical experts.