Product News: Exceptional Accuracy and Repeatability with Thermo Scientific’s Orion 2117LL Online Low-level Chloride Analyzer

28 Jun 2013

A new online chloride analyzer offers power plant operators exceptional accuracy and repeatability with real-time monitoring and control of critical low-level chloride measurements in boiler chemistry applications.

The Thermo Scientific Orion 2117LL low-level chloride analyzer is designed to detect chloride levels as low as 5 parts per billion (ppb), which may assist in very early detection of the chloride ion, which can cause corrosion fatigue, stress corrosion cracking, and pitting in power plant boiler and turbine components, creating significant costs in maintenance and downtime. The Orion 2117LL can help lower plant maintenance costs due to an advanced zero calibration algorithm that is designed to provide accurate and stable measurements with longer intervals required between calibrations.

“Careful monitoring and control of boiler chemistry are recognized by power industry and regulatory bodies as being crucial for optimal performance in power generation applications,” said James Cairns, global process business manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Our Orion low-level chloride analyzer is designed to accurately detect extremely low levels of chloride corrosion within steam turbines boiler chemistry that over time can cause significant delays in power generation due to shutdowns for maintenance or repair operations. Accurate monitoring for chloride corrosion in real-time keeps the plant running with minimal disruptions and helps in reducing operation costs through increased boiler efficiencies.”

The 2177LL analyzer employs the well-established Thermo Scientific Orion solid state ISE (ion selective electrode) sensor technology with an extremely low maintenance fluidic design that is designed to enable long life and highly stable measurements.

In addition, the Orion 2177LL chloride analyzer offers:
• Easy retrofitting due to backwards compatibility and same footprint as previous analyzers
• Unique scrolling prompt for easy calibrations
• Simple operation and minimal maintenance required because of no moving parts