Product News: The Complete Solution for CytoGenomics Labs

26 Mar 2012

This year at AACR, Agilent Technologies offers a comprehensive and simple workflow solution for characterizing inherited genomic alterations as well as cancer somatic genomic structural variations. In addition to interrogating micro genomic abnormalities, copy number changes, and LOH by the CGH+SNP arrays, Agilent evolving long oligo products allows clinical researchers to interrogate epigenetic changes, single nucleotide polymorphism, and indels by offering a range of products for multiple next generation sequencers. Learn how to achieve fast sequencing results by capturing regions of interest with SureSelect and Haloplex, a PCR based capture. Agilent custom flexibility offers clinical researchers the ability to focus on their regions of interest easily and economically.

Meet the experts.

Iman Kishawi, Ph.D., Clinical Application Manager, Agilent Technologies
Olle Ericsson, Ph.D., Marketing Director, Agilent Technologies
Tuesday, April 3, 2012
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Location: Exhibit Theatre 1- Show Floor
Lunch will be served

Seating is limited so it is recommended you register via the Agilent website.

Other highlights on the booth include:

Don't Look BAC with Agilent SureFISH Probes!

SureSelect & HaloPlex NGS Target Enrichment
Revolutionize your Desktop Sequencing Workflow with HaloPlex.

2200 TapeStation System
Accelerate Next-Generation Sequencing Sample QC.

A complete range of products for metabolomics research, including GC/MS, LC/MS, CE-MS and NMR.

Integrated Biology
The next generation of integrated biology instruments and bioinformatics tools to analyze your data and integrate information between platforms.

GeneSpring NGS
The latest addition to the GeneSpring software suite.

Learn more at Agilent Booth #4424.