Product News: The Cavro® Omni Robot from Tecan Displays New Applications For Modern Circular Dichroism

19 Sep 2011

Tecan announce that the Cavro® Omni Robot has been incorporated into Applied Photophysics’ new protein discovery solution, the Chirascan™-plus CD Spectrometer. This new collaboration is designed to combine Tecan’s precise and reliable sample handling with excellent measurement reproducibility, opening up a wide range of circular dichroism (CD) applications.

The Cavro Omni Robot has enabled Applied Photophysics to automate sample preparation for CD, as Project Leader Lindsay Cole explained: “The Omni Robot is an open and malleable liquid handling component, and was very easy to incorporate into our system. It has eliminated the need to design and integrate our own fluidics, sample probe and injection port, as well as giving us a number of useful features – such as the sample level sensing – and the option to add other sample handling and preparation capabilities in the future.”

“Automation has significantly increased the practical throughput of the Chirascan, allowing unattended running with minimal user intervention and reducing labor requirements per measurement by 90 %. This, combined with the reliability and increased reproducibility offered by the Cavro Omni Robot, has greatly increased the appeal of CD as an analytical technique for proteins, particularly for the biopharmaceuticals development market.”

The Cavro Omni Robot is a highly versatile general purpose liquid handling robotic component with a wide range of applications. The modular design of the Cavro Omni Robot is unique among laboratory automation components and offers superior flexibility, making the robot easily configurable for many different customer needs. Various combinations of lengths and orientations of all three axes are available and can be customized and assembled to order, ensuring that the robot has been built with the features required.