Product News: Tecan’s HID EVOlution™ System Provides One-Stop Solution for Forensic Identification

13 Nov 2013

Genia Geo, based in Montevideo, Uruguay, has chosen Tecan’s HID EVOlution™ system as part of its comprehensive forensic identification services for governments around the world. This one-stop solution encompasses everything from designing and building laboratories to training crime scene investigators and judges, and revolves around Tecan and Life Technologies’ fully validated, walk-away setup for robust genetic identification.

Dr. Carlos Azambuja, President of Genia Geo, explained: “Genia Geo was set up to provide government entities, such as Ministries of the Interior or of Justice, with everything necessary to implement a national system for DNA-based forensic identification. Although we did not have previous experience with Tecan equipment, the HID EVOlution represented a fully integrated processing system that could help to simplify laboratory workflows and improve process security. We were able to visit several other laboratories using the HID EVOlution set-up, and they were very positive about both the equipment and the Tecan service, so we felt very comfortable with our choice.”

“We are still in the early phases of the project, so are not really using these systems to their full potential yet, but so far the instruments have been very easy to use. The software is user-friendly, and we have received very good support from the Tecan team to help integrate the systems into our complete laboratory workflow. We are now looking to provide the same comprehensive service in several other countries, and Tecan will certainly be at the forefront of our minds for these projects,” Carlos concluded.