Product News: Tecan launches the new Infinite™ F500 high-end microplate reader

25 Sep 2006

Tecan, one of the world's leading players in the growing life sciences industry, has launched the new Infinite™ F500 detection platform for assay development and screening in biopharmaceutical, research, food and cosmetics laboratories.

The Infinite F500 provides outstanding sensitivity and measurement speeds, and is able to measure a 1536-well plate in under 30 seconds. The new instrument offers a number of improvements over existing microplate readers, such as integrated injectors that can operate at variable volumes, very fast switching of filter modules and automated z-focusing in all top reading modes. The Infinite F500 has a range of measurement modes, including fluorescence intensity top reading, absorbance and time-resolved fluorescence. Fluorescence intensity bottom reading, fluorescence polarization, homogenous time-resolved fluorescence and luminescence measurement modes are available as modular options.

The easy-to-use, multifunctional microplate reader strengthens Tecan's portfolio of high-end detection instruments and is compatible with Tecan's Freedom EVO® series of liquid handling workstations and Tecan's i-control™ and Magellan™ software packages, allowing complete automation of assay and analysis.