Product News: Tecan Launches New Range of Disposable Tip Products for the MultiChannel Arm™ 96

17 Jan 2009

Tecan’s SBS-format MCA™ 96 disposable tip products offer a variety of pipetting solutions to complement the MultiChannel Arm 96 option for Freedom EVO® automated liquid handling workstations. With sterile, non-sterile and filtered options, the new product design has been optimized for increased throughput and reliability to provide a cost-effective solution for laboratory scientists.

Non-filtered tips can be nested in either passive stacks on the deck (768 tips per SBS position), or externally in Te-Stack™ modules (3,840 tips per column). This improves throughput and walk-away time. The nested design also offers environmental and logistical benefits, such as reducing offline storage needs by 60%, lowering transport costs and minimizing wastage.

The new, fully SBS-compatible rack design does not require specialized labware carriers, and Te-Stack modules can use a single column format for tip racks and microplates. Systems currently set up for non-SBS disposable tips can easily be converted, and the new carriers offer additional benefits such as an optional waste slide for high throughput tip disposal.