Product News: Using ambr to Bring Biologics to Market Faster - New Data Presented at BioProcess China

12 Aug 2013

TAP Biosystems annouces that it will be presenting on adoption of its ambr microbioreactor system at the forthcoming BioProcess China Conference (20-22 August 2013).

Director of Asia Pacific, Ian Ransome's presentation takes place on Tuesday 20th August as part of the stream on Cell Line Engineering, Cell Culture and Media Development and is entitled "Using ambr to Bring Biologics to Market Faster, with Increased Profit. New Data, New Applications".

The presentation will discuss use of the ambr system to explore sufficient cell lines to identify optimal clones, perform Design of Experiment (DoE) analyses to rapidly identify relevant culture parameters, accelerate cell line selection and process development activities overall and ultimately reach the clinical phase faster.

TAP Biosystems' advanced microbioreactor (ambr™) technology has been widely adopted as an effective solution to such problems and in this session Ian will present an overview and industry derived data of the technology.