Product News: SigmaPlot 11- Exact Graphs and Data Analysis

19 May 2009

Systat Software upgraded its data analysis and graphing software SigmaPlot and has just released version 11. SigmaPlot is an easy-to-use technical graphing and data analysis software for scientists and engineers who produce defensible research and need to create exact, publication-quality graphs for technical publications, presentations or the web.

The program is specifically tailored to scientific needs with:

• A large data worksheet
• An extensive set of data analysis and statistical functions
• A broad range of individually customizable 2D and 3D graphs
• A large number of technical graph options
• Effective automation through SigmaPlot’s Visual Basic (VBA)-compatible macro language

SigmaPlot also offers macros (standard curve, ROC curve analysis, ligand binding) and modules (enzyme kinetics, electrophysiology) for specific work fields.

New functions and enhancements in SigmaPlot 11:

• Pre-Formatted worksheets
• Additional Statistical Analysis with step-by-step guidance
• Global Curve Fitting for multiple data sets
• Automatic Updating of Quick Transforms
• 2D Vector Plots
• Improved 3D Graph Customization
• Improved Standard Curves Macro
• Customizable workspace

SigmaPlot 11 is fully Windows Vista compliant, directly imports Excel 2007 and supports EMF Files.