Product News: Syngene Unveils First Multi-application Single Lighting Module For Rapidly Imaging Fluorescent Dyes with a G:BOX Chemi Image Analyser

10 Jan 2008

Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions, today introduced the unique RGB Lighting Module, designed for the Syngene range of G:BOX Chemi imaging and documentation systems. The RGB Lighting Module is ideal for scientists who want the flexibility to quickly image gels or blots stained with commercially available fluorescent and visible dyes.

Syngene’s RGB Lighting Module has 84 high intensity LEDs providing red, blue, green and white light. Additional slots in the module also allow the fitting of UV tubes emitting light of 365nm or 254 nm, respectively thereby further enhancing the range of applications. The module, which can be fitted to the complete range of G:BOX chemiluminescence systems is fully computer controlled as is the filter wheel containing the emission filters, making it quick and easy to begin fluorescence, white light and UV imaging.

The LED’s used in the RGB Module can emit light for over 75,000 hours without diminishing performance. By using the RGB Module with correct emission filters, users have the flexibility to accurately image stains including: SYBR® Green, Pro-Q® Diamond, CyDye™, Alexa Fluor®, HEX™ and Oregon Green®. The LED’s do not require any warm up period so users can begin their imaging immediately and they do not get hot when in use, making them safe to leave on for long exposures.

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager stated: “Many scientists require lighting that is inexpensive to run, ready to use on demand and can help detect weak fluorescent signals. We are delighted to fulfil these needs by being the first company to bring a non-halogen based multi-application lighting unit to market. Using the innovative RGB Lighting Module in a G:BOX Chemi with our extensively tested emission filters, scientists can confidently image gels stained with any commercial fluorescent or visible dye.”