Product News: Syngene Announce the New GENi2 Click and Capture Gel Documentation System

17 Aug 2011

Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions today introduced its new GENi2 gel documentation system, the next generation version of its affordable motorised GENi range. This point and press system is ideal for scientists wanting to produce accurate images of fluorescent DNA gels, as well as fluorescent protein gels in seconds.

The versatile GENi2 can be used for many DNA and protein gel imaging applications. The system features a compact darkroom containing a 2 mega pixel resolution camera, motor-driven lens and six position motorised filter wheel, all controlled by an internal high speed processor. To quickly set up image capture, image manipulation and even image rotation, researchers use an integrated intuitive touch-screen rather than an external computer. This means the system takes up minimal bench space, yet still has all the features necessary for rapidly generating high quality gel images.

The cost-effective GENi2 darkroom comes complete with a slide-out transilluminator and white light table for visualising DNA and protein gels. An internal white light makes sample positioning simple and the interlocking doors automatically turn off the transilluminator when open, keeping users safe by preventing UV exposure.

To archive or analyse their results, researchers can save their images to a memory stick or network connection. Then by using GeneTools, Syngene’s highly regarded image analysis software, which also comes free of charge with a GENi2, scientists can accurately analyse their images. 

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager said: “Many researchers need a versatile, click and capture gel doc that can image a much wider range of DNA and protein gels than they did five years ago. Our new GENi2 is that system, and we will be delighted to demonstrate why GENi2 is an exceptionally good value gel imager to any scientists that contact us today.”