Product News: Strata® On-line SPE Cartridges for Rapid Sample Preparation

18 Jul 2007

On-line solid phase extraction (SPE) is an automated sample preparation technique that can be used to efficiently extract target analytes and eliminate excess time and labor associated with off-line sample preparation.

Strata SPE sorbents are now available in a 20x2.0mm cartridge for convenient on-line processing and offers the following advantages:
  • Provides simultaneous extraction, concentration, and separation for target analytes in biological matrices.
  • Detection limits of 100-200 picograms can be achieved. In addition, higher sample loads compared to off-line SPE can be utilized without compromising cleanliness or linearity.
  • Can be used either in a stand-alone fashion (for less demanding separations) or in tandem with an analytical column, for increased separation power.
  • Total sample clean up and analysis can be accomplished in as little as 1.2 minutes when used in stand-alone fashion or 3 minutes when used in tandem with an analytical column.
  • The on-line technique permits repeated injections (>200) of plasma samples, resulting in a lower cost per sample as compared to the single-use syringe barrel SPE tubes.

Strata on-line SPE cartridges provide superior retention for polar and non-polar compounds and are available in reversed phase and ion exchange selectivities.