Product News: SPEX SamplePrep LLC has Released the Next Generation of Automated Hydraulic Laboratory Press

10 Mar 2010

The 3635-230 X-Press® is a fully automated, hydraulic laboratory pellet press ideal for repetitive pressing of sample pellets for XRF, IR and other analytical methods. It now features a programmable LCD touch-screen display with adjustable parameters that include maximum pressure, dwell time, and release time. These variables can be saved in the system’s memory and easily recalled for future pellet pressing cycles with the touch of a button. Ultimately, this will allow the user to achieve greater consistency and higher throughput.

The redesigned 3635-230 X-Press® has a distinctive new anodized look while living up to the reputation for rugged reliability that has been established by its predecessor over the past 20 years. In addition it has been CE marked and is now available to the European market.

Keeping the goal of increased lab safety in mind, the newest model 3635 X-Press® also features an interlock that prevents opening of the safety shield during operation. A compact, 13 inch wide footprint makes this bench-top press easy to fit into the laboratory.