Product News: SPECORD® PLUS – The New UV VIS Spectrophotometer

17 Jun 2011

The newest generation of the SPECORD® double beam spectrophotometer - the SPECORD® PLUS - sets new standards. Routine analysis or special applications in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, food control, environment, life science and many other areas – with your SPECORD® PLUS you are well prepared for all future requirements.

The new UV VIS spectrophotometer offers highest precision and total reliability of measurement results. A comprehensive range of accessories guarantees flexibility and efficiency.

The UV VIS spectroscopy in particular requires a wide range of accessories besides a solid basic instrument. Cell holder, cell changer, flow cell systems, reflectance accessories or fiber coupling – the SPECORD® range of accessories allows a broad area of application, the automation of analysis processes and performing special applications.

SPECORD® PLUS is the ideal equipment for quantitative photometry as well as different applications in research and development, production, quality control and several other areas. Here is a small selection of areas of application for the SPECORD® PLUS.

In the food industry the SPECORD® PLUS is used in quality control and product monitoring. Using encymatic determination, this spectrometer is used to detect numerous substances such as acetate, cholesterol or oxalic acid.

For numerous samples the 2x8 cell changer is especially suitable. The measurement of lengthy enzyme kinetics such as cholesterol, which generally takes approx. one hour, can therefore also be realized for sample series with e.g. 14 samples in exactly the same time. Not only for the analysis of food but also for the examination of e.g. bitter substances and ethanol in beverages the SPECORD® PLUS is the ideal measuring instrument.

Precise determination of concentrations with very small sample volumes are required in medicine and life science, e.g. for the DNA purity determination. For this, the SPECORD® PLUS offers the adjustable cell holder for ultra-microcells.

For temperature dependant measurements, the new spectrophotometer has a cell holder with a Peltier cooling unit. This enables for example the determination of the DNA melting point at very exact temperatures. The accessories with Peltier cooling units enable analyses in a temperature range of -5 to 105 °C at a temperature accuracy of ± 0.1 °C.

In the pharmacy for purity control or dissolution applications, as well as in medicine or clinical chemistry for the determination of fatty acids and urea, the double beam spectrophotometer belongs to the basic equipment of the laboratories.

The environmental safety is more important than ever. Monitoring of drinking, surface and waste water is one of the most important tasks of national and private laboratories. The new UV VIS spectrometer is established in this area for the measurement of the parameters: cyanide, nitrite, lead, etc. Just in this context 167 preset water analysis methods are available.

Optical characteristics of different materials are quality features in the plastic, paper or glass industry. The special accessories of the SPECORD® PLUS, e.g. the reflectance attachment with integrating sphere or reflection measuring attachment mean that the new double beam spectrophotometer is suitable for paint or layer thickness measurement as well.

In cosmetics, for the determination of filter substances and their UVA protection in sun cream, the UV VIS photometer is precise and reliable as well.

SPECORD® PLUS appeals!