Product News: Temperature Measurement of High-Speed Phenomena

20 Feb 2012

Specialised Imaging has announced that it is developing the capability on its SIM Ultra Fast Framing Camera to precisely measure the temperature at different points in a high-speed event.

Capable of capturing up to 32 images at 1 billion frames per second the SIM ultra fast framing camera is proven to be able to capture visual data from even the most fleeting of phenomena. Unique technology enables SIM ultra fast framing cameras to simultaneously capture images on different selected channels. By fitting each optical channel with wavelength filters (400-900nm) - software will enable the SIM camera to combine 2 images from 2 different wavelengths to give a precise temperature reading from selected points in the event under study.

Unlike traditional ultra fast framing cameras the optical design of SIM cameras provide the choice of up to 16 separate optical channels without comprising performance or image quality. Effects such as parallax and shading, inherent in other designs, are eliminated and the high spatial resolution (> 50 lp/mm) is the same from frame to frame and in both axes. Individual ultra-high resolution intensified CCD detectors, controlled by state-of-the-art electronics, offer almost infinite control over gain and exposure allowing researchers total freedom to capture images of even the most difficult transient phenomena. An integral TFT monitor allows users to 'see what the camera sees' in real-time, thus allowing users to easily optimize focus and lighting to achieve spectacular results.