Product News: Smart solutions for HPLC and sample preparation from KNAUER

14 Feb 2008

KNAUER will be exhibiting their range of instruments and accessories at PITTCON 2008, Booth 2236. Highlights include the following:

Smartline HPLC – a complete range of instruments, applicable for a wide range of applications including flow rates from 0.001 ml/min to 50.0 ml, and pressures of up to 400 bar (5,800 psi). This product line is supplemented with the new column thermostat featuring microprocessor-controlled contact heating and thermostatting of the mobile phase at the column inlet and cooling at the outlet.

Smartline GPC Cleanup Unit 6500
- an automated GPC cleanup solution, particularly optimized for automated sample preparation in pesticide analysis. The system includes UV detection and system software.

SmartMix - a patent-pending static mixing chamber, designed to improve the gradient performance of most HPLC systems as well as UHPLC systems. It can be used for flow rates of 1 µl/min up to 2.0 ml/min and pressures up to 1,000 bar (14,500 psi). SmartMix outperforms even some dynamic mixers and can be used in high-pressure as well as low-pressure gradient HPLC systems. The SmartMix also features an integrated eluent filter.

Eurocel® and Europak® - KNAUER's recently expanded line of polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases (CSP) to solve almost any chiral separation task. The cellulose-based Eurocel and the amylose-based Europak columns are available in for analytical and preparative HPLC and offer excellent enantioselectivity, outstanding eluent flexibility, high loadability, and stable performance.

Visit KNAUER at Booth 2236 or visit the Article Webpage.