Product News: Simultaneous Multi-element Determination with High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS

16 Feb 2012

Just in time with the Analytica 2012 Analytik Jena has announced completely new application options of the contrAA® product series: The simultaneous evaluation of several absorption lines in the measured spectral range is now possible. This is a particular advantage in the relatively time-consuming graphite furnace technique, because it is possible to determine several elements with just one atomization.

An example for the application is the simultaneous determination of Ni, Fe and V in waste water. Very low vanadium concentrations in the µg/L range can be determined in process waste water along with Ni and Fe concentrations in the mg/L range. The sample throughput can be tripled when measuring samples simultaneously.

The contrAA® series is based on the innovative High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS). It offers all atomization techniques, including the direct solids analysis with solid AA®. In addition to the traditional use for the determination of various metals, the contrAA® opens up a completely new field of application: The determination of non-metals, e.g. halogens, sulfur and phosphorus, by means of characteristic molecule absorption bands in flame and graphite furnace. This makes the HR-CS AAS an easy, fast and reliable method for non-metal determination with excellent detection limits and minimum sample preparation.

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